The Story of the Vitez Kurtos

The recipe of the original chimney cake and the baking process has been taught to us by our parents and grandparents, whom started out the family business back home, in Szekelyudvarhely, using all traditional methods to revive the chimney cake, the secler delicacy.

The mission of Vitez Kurtos is to spice life with flavours and experiences, to bring people together and to transmit values via the renaissance of past traditions.

Our philosophy is to serve the best quality products with an honest and good customer service, by offering value and great customer experience. To strengthen our unique business structure is very important to us – we make sure our staff shares the same values and treats the Vitez Kurtos as their own to give our clients special attention.

'Grandma' Bálint Irma

The original recipe of the Vitez Kurtos was first used by the Older Irma Balint, the “grandmother” of the team, and has been transformed into the real Vitez Kurtos taste since. Above happiness and hard work, we have learnt the following motto from granny: “Here is the tasty chimney cake: fresh, warm and crispy, and there is always more.” This morale could still describe the current Vitez Kurtos team. Older Irma Balint actively followed the team till May 2008, and even today we thank her for her continuous advises.

Our first Hungarian company was established in 2004 under the name Lehel Kurtos LTD., however, due to brand management and development, the name has been changed to Vitez Kurtos in 2006. For years, it was only available on certain events, but we have always continuously worked towards opening our own bakery.

On the Spring of 2007, our first, personalized bakery has been built and is still functioning in the car park of the Csillagvar Mall, in the III. District of Budapest.

Our first bake house at Csillagvár Shopping Mall

One of our dreams have come true, when we have opened our bakery in Veszprem, on the summer of 2008; the city and the people living around Veszprem have hugely inspired us to establish our business by the positive feedback we have received from them through different festivals and markets we have attended.

Our next store was opened in March 2009 under the name Vitez Kurtos Hut (Kucko) in the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, in front of the Lion`s den.

We also have had a few temporary stalls in Budapest – XIV.district, by the exit of the Stadion metro station, by the entrance of the Tesco in Pesterzsebet and in Godollo, around the City Market.

Our main priority in 2010 was to stabilize our existing stores, and to make sure we keep our lead position at festivals and other events. To be able to do so, we have joined the Fesztival Mestersegek Egyesulete (an association that helps trades and craftsmanship on festivals) and with their cooperation we have taken part in numerous events throughout Hungary and provided the best quality service we possibly could.

In 2011 we have decided to place a few temporary stalls in Budapest again – in the Alle Mall, on the events of the V. district`s Varoshaza Park and the recently opened Belvarosi Hagyomanyorzo Kezmuves Sokadalmon (an event for traditional craftsmanship) in the Fashion Street.

The delivery of the freshly made, warm, chimney cake baked on live coals has begun in November 2011.

Home delivery car

That same year we have started to work on our franchise system and continued attending the festivals, we do so every year.

The break-through came in 2012-2013, when we have designed and produced various products related to baking: Otthoni Izek (The taste of home) cook book, Vitez Kurtos wooden rods (pastry cutter), Wooden Spit (tapered cylindrical spit, used to roll the pastry onto), Bake`n`Roll chimney cake baking sett, I Love Chinmey cake T-shirts, mugs, etc.

New products

We have launched a few new tasty products such as the gluten and lactose free chimney cake, the whole-wheat, durum wheat and the glucose made fitness chimney cakes, as well as the Kurtos Csapagy, Kurtos Kremes and the Kurtoske – the mini chimney cake.

Between the 11th and the 13th of October, 2013, we have organized a very successful event, the I. Chimney Cake Festival (I. Kurtoskalacs Fesztival) in Budapest, where 15000 people have attended and 12000 chimney cakes were sold.

In the future, we would like to continue what we do best, with loving care; the true chimney cake and all the services that it involves: the franchise system, the baking moulds and other products, the delivery of products – we would like to further develop them for a more qualitative experience provided to our customers.