Vitéz Kürtős outdoor team-building training

Vitez Kurtos` main objective always has been to protect and familiarize the tradition, the making of chimney cake with the World. We travel around Hungary to participate in all kinds of events, where even you could witness the making process of this delicacy. With 10 years experience behind us, now we invite you to take part and master the art of chimney cake baking.

A gastro adventure and experience

During our trainings, we present you the complete process of making a chimney cake from the very beginning through to the end. You can see for yourself the importance of managing the charcoal as well as the making of the pastry with yeast, but after all, the true chimney cake can only be done if you put your heart and soul into it, too.

This is a great team-building activity, as it gives people the opportunity to work together as a group, and lifts the morale up. It also offers people the chance to take part in whatever they feel comfortable with – men mostly manage the charcoal while women help with the pastry making. We guarantee that both crafts can be mastered without any experience. The best chimney cakes are made with goodwill and teamwork.

The program in details:
During this special gastro adventure, you and your team are welcome to make as many chimney cakes as possible and you are free to eat them all, or take them with you.
While the pastry is raising and the coals start to burn, we tell you all the legends of the chimney cake. Then the work can begin – rolling the pastry onto the wooden stick, baking and flavouring. We highly recommend the consumption of the chimney cakes throughout the day.

We can attend most locations, although we require 220V electricity and a tap to be close by.

We provide all equipments and ingredients, including aprons.

Advance booking is necessary, however during summer it is much more convenient for us to present ourselves on a week day.

We are happy to train people from a small group of 5-10 people to a bigger team of 100-200.

Depending on the size of the group, a minimum of 3-4 hours, but a half or full day program is also available. We have special packages, see below:

Minimum price: 70 000 Ft. + VAT (max. 50 people)
90 000 Ft. + VAT(max. 100 people)
110 000 Ft. +VAT (max. 200 people)
In other, special cases, please, request a quote from us.

We do not charge for transportation in Budapest, however if you require us to travel to another location, we`d have to include a 150Ft/km transportation fee.

0036 70 588 43 92 - Tunde Andras, manager
0036 70 415 83 57 – Laura Lunka Takacsne, customer service