Our values

Tradition and innovation

Vitéz Kürtős is a unique brand of kürtőskalács known all over the country; its name carries a guarantee of high-quality, original kürtőskalács and a particularly high overall quality of products, packaging and service.

Our undertaking is one of the pioneers that have revived the traditional method of baking this pastry, aiming to let the whole world know about kürtőskalács.

We would like to sweeten life with flavour and enjoyable experience, we want to bring people together with the help of kürtőskalács, and, by creatively rethinking traditions, to preserve and relay the values related to kürtőskalács. Our goal is to let the whole world be familiar with kürtőskalács – our dream is to achieve that kürtőskalács are referred to as a famous Hungarian product, just like Italian pizza, French croissant or American hot dog.

The recipe used by Vitéz Kürtős comes from the team’s “Grandmother”, Irma Simó, and has been collectively developed for years with our co-workers to achieve the distinctive Vitéz Kürtős flavour. Besides cheerfulness and hard work, our Grandma also taught us this slogan: “Here comes the tasty chimney cake: fresh, hot, crispy – if it is finished, I will bring some more!” The team of Vitéz Kürtős has carried on this attitude, love of work, and industriousness to date – Grandma Irma Simó snr. actively accompanied the team until May 2008 and advised us until January 2020.

We added a few words to our original motto when we started offering 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Since, our motto has read: “Real kürtőskalács with all our heart and soul – for more than satisfied customers!” For us, the point is to bring joy to ordinary days through our products and services. This is why we bake the most delicious kürtőskalács from the best raw materials, and hand them out giving the kindest service to ensure that our customers are always satisfied under any circumstances, and smile back at us. We would like to keep the same smile on our customers’ faces when they leave our shop – this is why we offer 100% guarantee on all of our products. If necessary, we bake a new one, swap it, adjust it, take it back, and, when all else fails, we repay the purchase price – to any problem we will offer a solution that is surely the best for our customers.

Our undertaking attaches particular importance to environmental awareness. From the spring of 2019 on, we have exclusively used environmentally friendly, plastic-free, biodegradable packaging materials made of corn to wrap our chimney cakes, with the intention to reduce our ecological footprint. Our to-go-cups, boxes and straws are all free of plastic, our napkins are made of recycled paper. We do not sell refreshments and mineral waters in plastic bottles, and we buy products and raw materials in plastic-free packaging, wherever possible. We provide our employees with refillable mineral water dispensers, and we proceed towards paperless operation and use recycled paper, if any, at our headquarters, besides keeping to selective waste collection. We also believe that sponsoring various artistic activities is important, and, accordingly, we support the contemporary dance theatre Compania András Lóránt Társulat in Târgu Mureș and Budapest-based bands Indygo and Harlekin, for example; in 2020, we joined the Pink Gastronomy Campaign aimed at raising awareness of the fight against breast cancer and of its support.