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From Michelin star restaurants to gyros stalls


For 10 years, we have been distributing the best quality charcoal, which has grown to become a well-known brand on the grilling and barbecuing scene. Our product marketed under the brand name Beech Charcoal from the Harghita Mountains is used and recommended by numerous renowned chefs: Zsolt Serényi, KicsiZso, Viktor Segál, Ákos Sárközi, Tamás Széll, Zoli Pauli, and many more.

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A non-exhaustive list: Bp BARbq, Bábel, Borkonyha, Textúra, Byblos, Bogazici, Déryné, La Fabbrica, Halászbástya, KicsiZso, K31 Vasüzlet, Code Zero, Három Majom

“It's no exaggeration to say that I'm simply obsessed with wood and charcoal embers, I grill constantly in summer and winter, not only in my restaurant, but also in my free time, both outdoors and indoors. A favourite in our restaurant is the Reuben sandwich, for example; it is unique because we roast the brisket for almost 10 hours over charcoal in a barbecue oven and that's what goes into the sandwich, along with fresh greens. Of course, the key factor is the embers and smoke of the beech charcoal, which simply make the best spice there is. We use 20 to 30 kilograms of charcoal every day, so we need a constant re-stock from our supplier of BEECH CHARCOAL. I am happy to be an ambassador for BEECH CHARCOAL and to have the opportunity to bring people closer to the culture of grilling and barbecuing over charcoal. I encourage everyone to barbecue because it is healthy, uncomplicated and a great opportunity to socialise.”

The Tattooed Chef, Zsolt Serényi, owner of Bp BARbq

“Being in the business of baking chimney cakes for years, we really know the difference between various kinds of charcoal. That's why we always seek out and use only the best quality beechwood charcoal to bake the best and most attractive chimney cakes.”

Vitéz Kürtős, Budapest

“I am Zsolt Horváth, owner of BodrogSmoker and BodrogHibachi, as well as KicsiZso Reggeliző Kávézó [Breakfast and Coffee]. I have been using Beech Charcoal for over eight years, which is the top "fuel" for the grills and smokers I manufacture. It is perfectly sized for our best ovens; we can roast 80kg meat for 10 hours straight in our smoker “Atom” using 3kg Beech Charcoal. It leaves little ash behind and provides perfect heat.

I know of no better charcoal than Beech Charcoal!”

Zsolt Horváth, KicsiZso Reggeliző

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