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BEECH CHARCOAL from the Harghita Mountains


BEECH CHARCOAL from the Harghita Mountains, Mini Grill BAKE'N'ROLL Chimney Cake Grill Kit, Chimney cake WOODEN RODS, Chimney Cake ROLLERS – an assortment of VITÉZ GASTRO products

As part of the VITÉZ umbrella brand, our sub-brand VITÉZ GASTRO includes products we developed particularly for baking chimney cakes at home, such as our Mini Grill Bake'n'Roll Chimney Cake Grill Kit, Chimney Cake Rollers, Chimney cake Wooden Rods, as well as the grilling accessories to be used for baking: grill grates, battery-powered rotisserie motors, wooden stump stick holders, etc., along with our top quality BEECH CHARCOAL FROM THE HARGHITA MOUNTAINS used as fuel, which is also part of the VITÉZ GASTRO family.

Vitéz Gastro termékek

Of course, all these products have grown and branched out of the VITÉZ KÜRTŐS brand and went on to become independent brands, bearing witness to our hard work throughout the past 20 years; during those years we have not only focused on making traditional charcoal-baked chimney cakes and various desserts made from chimney cakes, but also on constantly tuning in to our customers' needs - this is how we have created a range of accessories for baking chimney cakes.

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The first customer requests referred to how to bake cakes at home and where to get good beech charcoal. We have been offering a solution to that for 10 years.

For more than 20 years, our business has been revolving around baking traditional chimney cakes, for which we have always sought out the best quality charcoal, knowing that the quality of the embers is the key to the quality of the icing on a real chimney cake.

But how did we end up with our own branded charcoal? It was down to two happenings:

Since we used to set out of Szeklerland to visit various fairs, it was only natural that we brought from there the charcoal that we trusted to work with, and we didn't even give much thought to its quality. We got into trouble once when we ran out of charcoal at a late autumn event in Sárvár, and after visiting all the petrol stations and DIY shops on our way to Budapest, we were barely able to gather a few bags of charcoal; however, we were not really able to work with it, because the heat it produced was insufficient to bake the chimney cakes, and quickly burnt down. At that point, we vowed never to run out of charcoal from Lupeni.

Faszénen sült kürtőskalács

On another occasion, an outdoor caterer working next to us borrowed charcoal from us because they had run out, and when they wanted to buy us some in return, we made them pay for it rather than get back some lower quality charcoal. From that time on they always ordered charcoal from us for their events.

At that point, we realised two things: first, that good quality, hardwood charcoal was a great treasure, and, second, that in Hungary charcoal was only seasonally available in shops – so we came up with the idea of producing our own branded high quality charcoal, in our own packaging, which we could distribute to other catering businesses, as the case may be.

Each year we sell more and more charcoal; consequently, we have created our own brand, which today serves Michelin-star restaurants and family barbecues.

In our business Földijó-Gasztro Kft. we have been distributing high-quality beechwood charcoal nationwide for more than 10 years, but as a chimney cake company we have been using it for more than 20 years at our stands for making genuine chimney cake roasted over charcoal embers.

Seeing this, caterers of outdoor events quickly became hooked on the charcoal we use, and today we not only supply caterers at food festivals with high-quality beech charcoal, but we also deliver to top restaurants in Budapest and outside Budapest. A non-exhaustive list: multiple units of Bp BARbq, Bábel, Borkonyha, Barrio, Bazaar, Textúra, Byblos, Bogazici, Déryné, La Fabbrica, Halászbástya, Floga Grill, Titiz, Szeráj, K31 Vasüzlet, Code Zero Csopak, Három Majom Balatonalmádi, and numerous other gyros and chimney cake stands use charcoal imported from Transylvania. Our dealers include Grilltársaság, Kisgömböc Hentes Bolt and Valódi Étkek Boltja.

Zsolt Serényi, also known as the Tattooed Chef and the chef of Bp BARbq restaurants, a genuine barbeque and grilling hotshot, has been supporting us as our ambassador for a few years, while KicsiZso is also among our biggest promoters.

Serényi Zsolt, a tetovált séf

Join the ranks of the best grill cooks, and use high-quality beech charcoal!

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Our BEECH CHARCOAL has four sizes: 10kg, 5kg, 3kg and 9kg, the last one being of selected quality, recommended for use in smokers, kamado grills, green eggs.