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A whole day of programmes for the family

The second Kürtőskalács Merrymaking is coming

After a two-year pause, the second Kürtőskalács Vigalom [Kürtőskalács Merrymaking] will be held between 13-15 May in the play park of Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden called Holnemvolt Vár. True to tradition, there will be no shortage of kürtőskalács, varied programmes, surprises and a big unveiling.

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The second Kürtőskalács Vigalom [Chimney Cake Merrymaking] returns with a kürtőskalács specialty in Holnemvolt Vár [in the Zoo]

“In 2019, an idea popped into our heads that we might like to have a spring weekend with chimney cakes as the main event, apart from the autumn Kürtőskalács Festival. That's how the idea of Kürtőskalács Vigalom was born, and now, after two years, we're bringing it back to life on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of Holnemvolt Vár and Édes Mackó Kürtőskalács Pastry Shop. Of course, this year we'll be showcasing all the big favourites again: the flavour bombs, desserts made with chimney cakes, the gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free chimney cakes, and a real curiosity, a chimney cake in a new variety that is sure to blow everyone away”, Tünde András, the creative dreamer behind Kürtőskalács Vigalom introduces the programmes.

Organised in collaboration with the Zoo, the three-day Kürtőskalács Vigalom will feature arts and crafts activities, a petting zoo, face painting, other family and children's activities, as well as acoustic miniconcerts. The popular "Do it yourself!" chimney cake stall will also return, where anyone can prepare their favourite version of this Transylvanian delicacy.

You can participate in the event with your zoo pass, which also includes a free Édesmaci Homemade Chocolate for each customer.

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