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Our line of events in the autum is the following: the first weekend of the month is always dedicated to kürtőskalács made of gluten and diary free materials; the second weekend is usually in connection with the actual holiday; the third one is ruled by the Kürtős Fondue Variations event, while the last one is themed as the Vegan Kürtős Weekend.

By now, it can be considered a tradition that we host several special themed events on the weekends in the Édes Mackó Kürtőskalács Confectionery. Here are the events of this spring:

"FREE" KÜRTŐSKALÁCS WEEKEND 2-3rd September, 7-8th October, 4-5th November

This autumn we host three weekends with gluten and diary free based kürtőskalács. We’d like to welcome everybody living with gluten, lactose or egg intolerance to have a delicious kürtőskalács.

We would like to raise the attention of our dear customers that our „free” kürtőskalács cannot entirely be made in a different area. A separate staff makes them on separated tables and equipment, but even with our utmost attention, they might contain gluten, since they are made in the same airspace as the traditional ones.

Ingredients: gluten and lactose free flour mix (Mimen white bread and scone flour mix, NaturBit), sugar, yeast, vegetable margarine, salt, Alpro ricemilk, lemon peel.

Glutenfree chimey cake

10th KÜRTŐSKALÁCS FESTIVAL 13-15th October.

Vitéz Kürtős are bringing their best products from their past 20 years to the Budapest Zoo between 10 and 15th October for the 10th Chimney Cake Festival. 30 different flavours and forms of chimney cake, 2 stages and a tangle of events and activities await everyone in the fall’s most delicious gastronomic festival.

The feeling of nostalgia will be enhanced by our line of performers, as we have invited some familiar faces who have already performed in the festival in the past 10 years. Ildikó Keresztes, Farkasházi Réka és a Tintanyúl, Bolba Éva és a JAZZterlánc are all performing along with Gabi Gubás and the leg-puppeteer, Szende Csernik. We won’t be short on newcomers and surprises either, as we have long had a wish of Andrea Szulák performing with us as well. We are kneading our past 10 years into a festival, just as if it was a dough of kürtőskalács.

3. Kürtőskalács Vigalom

KÜRTŐS FONDUE VARIATONS WEEKEND 16-17th September, 18-19th November

The delicious, warm and crispy kürtőskalács slices can become more special when dipped in various toppings! You have two options: Classic Kürtős Founde – the flavour options: vanilla, walnut, cinnamon, coconut, cocoa. Or the Special Kürtős Fondue – flavour options: raspberry, strawberry, passion fruit.

And then you can choose from the toppings: chocolate, chocolate with raspberry, chocolate with mango, vanilla cream, whipped cream, poppy seed custard. On these weekends, every additional topping only costs a 100 Ft.

Kürtős Fondü Variációk

VEGAN KÜRTŐSKALÁCS WEEKEND 28-29th October, 25-26st November.

On the last weekend of every month, we host Vegan Chimney Cake Days, when we only use vegan ingredients. That means our chimney cakes are made of traditional flour, but they don’t contain any milk or eggs. On these weekends, we also make vegan KÜRTŐSBON, MINI KÜRTŐS BOX and a few chimney cake desserts, all made of vegan ingredients.

Vegán Kürtőskalács Hétvége

We await you on the Autumn Kürtőskalács Weekends, and of course on the weekdays as well! We reserve the right to change the program.

The Team of Vitéz Kürtős