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Aim for continuous learning and progress! This is the 5th value of Vitéz Kürtős, according to which we live and work. In 2021 and 2022 we took part in several trainings, which helped us become better at our profession. More than one of these came to be with European Union funds!

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At Vitéz Kürtős, we consider life-long learning very important, along with continuous progress, taking examples from companies that have more experience or are bigger than us, neverending reading, sharing our knowledge or improving ourselves with outside help, always to become a better and better team.

A few years ago we held language courses for the colleagues of Vitéz Kürtős, to which we return occasionally, but last year our goal was to improve our inner communication and ourselves, so that we can manage the current problems of our profession – hospitality – and the conflicts arising from these better.

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Aim for continuous learning and progress! This is according to which we live and work and we teach to our colleagues and encourage them to follow it as well!

So in the years of 2021 and 2022, we invoked the following trainings and courses.

The names and aims of the trainings:

The aim of the stress-management course is for the participants to meet the ways of managing stress related situations arising during work, recognize the sings and be able to prevent burning out. Also to be introduced to useful tools to ease conflicts between co-workers or help level-headed communication between colleagues and customers in stressful situations.

The communication and literacy-development course’s aim is for the participants to improve their communicational skills and meet conflict-solving methods.

The self-improvement course aims to help the participants improve how their personality works, their communication and ethical behaviour.

The amount of the contracted financial support: 6.107.318 Ft

The name of the beneficiary: Földijó-Gasztro Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Vitez Kurtos oktatas

During the trainings, we have got to know in detail:

Stress management: stress, stressors, problem solving, stressors in connection with a task, signs and consequences of being stressed, competing and teamwork as stress-reducing factors, fighting violence with assertivity, helping each other, preconceptions stb.

Communication and literacy-development: The communicational model, The roles of the seller and the buyer, Verbal and nonverbal communication, One- and two-way communiation, Rules of body langauge, The rules of modern communicational tools, Empathy, Active listening, Questioning techniques, Information-deformity, Techniques for when performing, Behaviour patterns, Conflict-solving methods, Conflict solving in a group

Self-improvement course: How the personality works, Self-understanding, The peculiarities of communication, Listening skills, Questioning techniques, Understanding conflicts, Ethical behaviour, Problem solving strategies, Moderation, Improvement plan

The end date of the courses: 2022.11.08.

Thank you to UKNOW Ltd. for the help!