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Vitéz Kürtős are bringing their best products from their past 20 years to the Budapest Zoo between 10 and 15th October for the 10th Chimney Cake Festival. 30 different flavours and forms of chimney cake, 2 stages and a tangle of events and activities await everyone in the fall’s most delicious gastronomic festival.

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This year’s festival is special for 3 reasons: the 20-year old Vitéz Kürtős is having 30 of their iconic kürtős on display in the 10-year old KürtősFestival.

Vitéz Kürtős is turning 20 this year and the Kürtőskalács Festival is turning 10 years – so we are celebrating these with a monumental, special line of events in October. We take a brief look at the past and bring back to life the 30 favourite kürtőskalács and kürtős desserts of the past 20 years – even those ones that had been loved but then a bit forgotten. We invite everyone for a little nostalgia to the Zoo!

This is the spirit we’re awaiting you with!

We have dug deep in the statistics of the past period and took a look at what have been the popular products in the given years. Based on the findings, we have decided to bring back the Kürtős Bearing, the Kürtős Gerbeaud and the Sour cherry and poppy seed flavoured kürtőskalács. Naturally, the big classics must also be included, and this year’s special, the pistachio flavour will also have a place at the festival. Along with these, we’ll be offering „Taste bombs”, the special kürtőskalács desserts of the Édes Mackó Confectionery and various flavours of KÜRTŐSBON. This year’s upgrade is that we’ll be awaiting our customers with 10 kürtőskalács stands and 2 stages, covering the whole area of the Zoo!

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The grand favourites also have a place at the 10th Chimney Cake Festival: we’re having a „Do It Yourself” tent, gluten-, milk-, and egg-free and vegan kürtőskalács. Plus, as a guest from Székelyudvarhely, Lehel Kürtősház are bringing their traditional, authenticly made large-size chimney cake for everybody to taste.

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The feeling of nostalgia will be enhanced by our line of performers, as we have invited some familiar faces who have already performed in the festival in the past 10 years. Ildikó Keresztes, Farkasházi Réka és a Tintanyúl, Bolba Éva és a JAZZterlánc are all performing along with Gabi Gubás and the leg-puppeteer, Szende Csernik. We won’t be short on newcomers and surprises either, as we have long had a wish of Andrea Szulák performing with us as well. We are kneading our past 10 years into a festival, just as if it was a dough of kürtőskalács.

Ildikó Keresztes singer
Reka Farkashazi singer

On the 10th Kürtőskalács Festival 2 stages are awaiting the crowd: the performers of the grand stage will be entertaining the crowd of sweet tooths at the main entrance, while at the smaller stage at the side of the Holnemvolt Vár storytellers and puppeteer shows will be drawing the attention of the customers.

The Kürtőskalács Festival is visitable with a Zoo ticket!

The further details of the program can be found at the Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/HZ5VnzNd

Kürtőskalács Festival 13-15th October, 2023

We reserve the right to change the program.
Team of Vitéz Kürtős