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Mini Kürtős Box – selection of 4 cakes

Bonbons and flowers are classic gift ideas, a Mini Kürtős Box, on the other hand, is a cool and chic surprise! If you want to please someone, this selection of mini chimney cakes is a sure-fire hit! Our Mini Kürtős Box comprises carefully selected flavours: cinnamon is a known aphrodisiac, raspberries symbolise seduction, coconut mystery, while passion fruit implies exotica. The mini kürtőskalácsok are roasted over beech charcoal sourced from the Harghita Mountains, which lends it a perfectly crispy, golden brown sugar-coated outer side and a soft inside that instantly captivate most of our customers.

SIZE: 12 cm

WEIGHT: 75 g

DIAMETER: 3 cm/cake

May contain the following allergens:
gluten, casein, lactose, egg and nuts

ÁR: 2200 Ft

Kóstold meg üzletünkben!
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