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Outdoor Team Building Training

Gastro Adventure and experience

We have been making one of the most delicious and most well-known kürtőskalács in Hungary for over 20 years all over the country. We seek to preserve the kürtőskalács, this masterpiece of Szekler folk tradition, along with the traditional way of making it, and let the whole world know about it.

At our team building training events, we pass this knowledge on, so not only can the participants taste genuine kürtőskalács but they can also make some with their own hands – certainly assisted by our staff.


For the duration of the special gastro adventure, the participants are divided into various teams, depending on the size of the group, and are assigned various roles (those who will knead the dough, who will roll it, and who will supervise baking); and we roast the cakes together as a team. While the dough is being prepared and proofed, and the coal is heated to the right temperature, the participants can find out about various legends linked to the story of chimney cakes, can participate in trivia quizzes, and can compete one another. Then, the dough is rolled over the baking rod, followed by roasting and adding toppings – in which phases the teams rely a lot on their cooperative capabilities. The participants can certainly take home or consume the kürtőskalács made at the workshop.

Any outdoor venue
where an uncovered area of 3x4 m in size and access to 220 V mains and water are available may be suitable for holding an Outdoor Team Building Training.

We provide
all the equipment, accessories, raw materials and aprons needed for the workshop.

Outdoor Team Building Training events are available at special times. In the summer months and in December, Outdoor Team Building Training events are only held at external venues on weekdays.

Outdoor Team Building Training is available to a minimum number of 10 participants, but we also have the capacity to host training events even for 100 to 150 persons.

Minimum fee: HUF 300,000 + VAT (up to 50 persons)
Up to 70 persons: HUF 330,000 + VAT
Up to 100 persons: HUF 400,000 + VAT
Up to 150 persons: HUF 500,000 + VAT

Our travels within Budapest are free of charge, but we charge travel expenses of HUF 150 + VAT / kilometre to other areas in Hungary.
Please feel free to contact our co-worker if you have any questions!

Ottava Nikolett, customer service
Phone: +36 70 415 83 57