SCS 3195
Vitez Kurtos kurtoskalacs workshop
Vitéz Kürtős Workshop

Introduction to the art of making kürtőskalács

Vitéz Kürtős is a unique brand of kürtőskalács known all over the country; its name carries a guarantee of high-quality, original kürtőskalács and a particularly high overall quality of products, packaging and service. We are one of the pioneers that have revived the traditional method of baking this pastry, aiming to let the whole world know about kürtőskalács.

At Vitéz Kürtős workshops, participants are offered a glimpse into how genuine kürtőskalács are made, and experience that the art of charcoal handling and the thoroughly kneaded dough made with sourdough are equally important. We all carry the little kid inside us, who was messing about in the kitchen with our moms or grandmas – at our workshop, they can relive this experience, whether they are seasoned housewives or less experienced players. Chimney cake baking does not require any special manual dexterity or baking skills: a pinch of feeling and intention are sufficient, as well as a bit of expert help from Vitéz Kürtős’ staff, and the joint work will be guaranteed to bear fruit in the form of a delicious chimney cake.

Depending on the size of the group, the programme takes at least 2 hours, and includes an introductory trivia quiz, an introduction into the knacks of kneading kürtőskalács dough, instruction in how to flatten and roll up the dough, an introduction to the art of charcoal handling, and kürtőskalács roasting proper. During the workshop, every participant can roast a kürtőskalács for himself/herself. (The programme can be modified on individual request.) In case of workshops for large groups, the participants are divided into various teams, and will work on kürtőskalács as team-building; they are assigned various roles (those who will knead the dough, who will roll it, and who will supervise baking); finally, we roast the cakes together as a team.

“Édes Mackó” Chimney Cake Pastry Shop, 1146 Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 14-16.

We provide
all the equipment, accessories, raw materials and aprons needed for the workshop.

Our workshops are available at specific times requested, following prior agreement. We cannot hold workshops on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In the summer months and in December, workshops are available in the morning only.

Each workshop is available for a maximum of 4 persons.

Participation fee: HUF 21 500 / person - in the price is included the Zoo entrance ticket. In case more persons apply together, we grant a 5% discount on the participation fee.

Please feel free to contact our colleague with your unique requests!

Ottava Nikolett, customer service
Phone: +36 70 415 83 57