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This year the autumn feast of Kürtőskalács appears in a new shape, namely in the form of the Kürtősbon Festival between the 14th and 16th of october, based in the Budapest Zoo’s new playground area, the „Holnemvolt Vár” (Holnemvolt Castle). The star of the three-day, colorful event this year is the special desert, KÜRTŐSBON, filled with various cremes!

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Instead of the usual Kürtőskalács Festival, this year we’re planning a mini KÜRTŐSBON Festival in a place that is familiar to us – the Holnemvolt Castle.

How does Kürtőskalács become KÜRTŐSBON? To this question you’ll certainly get an answer at the KÜRTŐSBON Festival, placed at the Holnemvolt Castle - the home of the Édes Mackó Kürtőskalács Pastry Shop.

This year’s biggest sensation is Kürtőskalács redesigned in a new form: KÜRTŐSBON. The uniqueness of KÜRTŐSBON takes shape in the chocolate, peach or plumb creme filled into its dough and the raspberry, walnut or cinnamon flavoured sprinkles that make KÜRTŐSBON even more unresistable. This is how our so-called Raspberry CHOCOBON, Walnut APPRICOTBON and Cinnamon PLUMBON kürtőskalács-specialities come to life. At the festival everyone can invent their own KÜRTŐSBON, and mix the flavours as they please. Of course this holds a surprise as well!

Apart from Kürtősbon – which will be made in several spots by the team of Vitéz Kürtős –, naturally, the classic flavours of Kürtőskalács and the Édes Mackó Kürtőskalács Pastry Shop’s favourite desserts will make an appearance at the festival. The organisers even thought of the ones with food intolerance. They will be making gluten-, lactose- and egg-free Kürtős, along with a DIY stand, where anyone can learn the secrets of making Kürtőskalács.

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The delicious event is not only interesting because of the fact that, while eating Kürtőskalács, you can meet the residents of the Zoo, but because there will be several family programs making it more enjoyable. There’ll be attractions featuring animals with Zoltán Hanga (wild animal rescue, animal shows, Sharkschool), stilted guest reception, free face painting and sparkly tattoes, arts and crafts, puppetry, Kürtipedia quiz game with prizes and storytelling for the little ones, while the older ones can enjoy the concerts of Gabi Szűcs, Linda Király and Tamás Vastag. The Riding hall will also be hosting dogs-themed programs with the help of animators and the Capital Circus!

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14th of October, Friday

  • 13:30 Opening ceremony and Kürtipedia quiz game
  • 14:00 „Portéka” Stage: Four wanderer, musical story games
  • 15:00 Kürtipedia quiz game

15th of October, Saturday

  • 10:30 „About Zoo animals” with Zoltán Hanga
  • 11:30 The puppet show of Majorka Theatre: Tom Thumb
  • 12:30 Portéka Stage: Market comedy, interactive show
  • 13:00 Kürtipedia quiz game
  • 14:00 The show of Tamás Vastag
  • 15:00 Kontraszt Duo
  • 16:00 The show of Linda Király

Open hours: 9:00-17:30 ALL THREE DAYS

16th of October, Sunday

  • 11:30 Puppet show of Majorka Theatre
  • 12:30 The kids-show of Panna Ball
  • 3:30 Kürtipedia quiz game
  • 14:00 Klárisok Band
  • 15:00 Kriszti Bakó & Attila Geier
  • 16:00 The show of Gabi Szűcs

All three days

  • 12:00 The world of sharks – Sharkschool
  • 12:30 Wild animal rescuers – Wild Animal Rescue Center
  • 13:00 The Pals of Parasztudvar (next to Playground)
  • 13:30 Tropical plants parade (next to the camel yard)
  • Stilted guest reception
  • Petting Zoo
  • Schäftner-style carousel, the attractions of Vurstli
  • Creative programs, face painting

The Kürtősbon Festival is visitable with a Zoo ticket!

The further details of the program can be found at the Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/2iKykbcNd

Kürtősbon Festival 14-16th October, 2022

We’re happy to welcome you at the Budapest Zoo’s Holnemvolt Castle area, in the zone from the monumentalic carousel to the camel yard. Until then, play with us as written below to get the chance to win a ticket to the event, various gift cards or a ticket to one of the shows of the Capital Circus!

We reserve the right to change the program.
Team of Vitéz Kürtős